Avantgarde is a PR agency you need. We organize for you. parties, fairs, conferences, weddings, baptisms, cocktails etc.

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Christmas - eheh! Dear Santa!
The company is directly accredited to me in Romania to organize parties at home as the mother. Finelui of year parties coincide, right, and the sweet tunes of Christmas.
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This day 14 (ie February 16) is, for love, most often a preamble to the marriage, or during a new beginning of love, in the Prague Spring
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They are always governed by crystalline laughter. Noisy music, cigarette smoke and alcoholic beverages consumed over the extent of their parents, are completely prohibited.
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The images that follow, we propose an itinerary, we believe, interesting, a beautiful wedding, and read an old story ...
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We build script and directed,
but you receive your applause!
Our team can help you:
» anticipate public reaction
» analyze feed-back
» find solutions management
» established public relations programs
» evaluate these programs
» monitor media and the
relationship with the media
» coordinate internal communication
» coordinate the organization of events
» identify internal and external problems
» » benefit the most beautiful and appropriate decorations