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NEW YEAR 2010 Restaurant Any Time
Avantgarde Pro'Action’s Restaurant organizes New Year's Eve 2010 at Any Time, located in the Street June 11, no. 75, Sector 4, Bucharest (Carol Park landmark Watch).
An intimate venue, which can take 40 people to ensure a perfect atmosphere to spend the pass over the years.
Special dishes, drinks served type "Open Bar" (at discretion),
lottery - in which the winners (2 people) will stay for the weekend, in downtown Sinaia ***, music, dance and other surprises will be shared with this special occasion, will have the signature of "Avantgarde Pro'Action", with which we have used to, as we organized corporate events or private parties.
Please find in attach. menu’s detailes.
Ticket for one person costs 340 RON.
You can find and us also on www.avantgardeproaction.com, as well as on www.avantgardeproaction.ro.

Please contact us for reservations at:
Brandusa Anca IONESCU - Avantgarde Pro'Action
Event Organizer your best
Bd Magheru 41
Tel.: 0722 266 007, 0729 007 545
Phone / Fax: 021 314 00 42
Fax: 021 745 35 81

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