Avantgarde is a PR agency you need. We organize for you. parties, fairs, conferences, weddings, baptisms, cocktails etc.
WEDDINGS Keep your wedding guests! The wedding is acceptance and perfection to fate of love shared. Opportunity verse and prose, painting and sculpture reason or imagined in steps of dance, the wedding has ancestral roots and metaphorical valences. It is full of meanings and myths, then reissued in traditions and customs. . Avantgarde Pro'Action keeps habits, the most famous and we make it without aura, we recommend sincere cooperation. Wedding-planner-II our care that your wedding will be detached from a beautiful fairy and you luck! Will you marry? Then you really need the following documents: - ID - Birth certificate - Declarations of marriage - Prenup medical certificate (issued not later than 2 weeks before) Our services are: - Recording video - Photographic services - Transport guests and bridal couple - Sound equipment and DJ - Bands or singers - Venue decoration - covers, balloons, fireworks, confetti, flower arrangements - Invitations - design and printing - Finding the most suitable location - Favors / favor - Agents of security and protection - Hostess - Catering to the spreads, chocolates and champagne at the Civil Status Office has been functioning - Pies - Video projector - Menus - Various other decorations personalized location - Dress bridal couple - proposals and suggestions shops - Dancers and entertainers - Masters of ceremonies or moderators - Hair style and make-up - Drawing up lists of wedding gifts and election supply stores - Negotiations with third parties - Assistance during the event, including religious You not only have to choose, relax and dream the most beautiful moments that you expect.
We build script and directed,
but you receive your applause!
Our team can help you:
» anticipate public reaction
» analyze feed-back
» find solutions management
» established public relations programs
» evaluate these programs
» monitor media and the
relationship with the media
» coordinate internal communication
» coordinate the organization of events
» identify internal and external problems
» benefit the most beautiful and appropriate decorations