Avantgarde is a PR agency you need. We organize for you. parties, fairs, conferences, weddings, baptisms, cocktails etc.
PARTY OF 8 MARCH Mother's Day sweet day, on colleagues, on your employee, on all women! What do you remember? Well, we call on us! We do not ever forget! And we always entered the restaurant for the party wishes to gift giving the most special women in your life or your workers'. 5, 10, 20, 100, 200 people? There is absolutely no problem. Therefore we are here. Want to cadorisesti with a stripper band, old to look for problems at work or home? Want to give small and attention? Resolved! Tell us! Be customized (shirts, pens, lighters, etc.. With your company logo and name) or beautiful bouquets of flowers or anything, we know for you to get the best deals from third parties. Count on us!
We build script and directed,
but you receive your applause!
Our team can help you:
» anticipate public reaction
» analyze feed-back
» find solutions management
» established public relations programs
» evaluate these programs
» monitor media and the
relationship with the media
» coordinate internal communication
» coordinate the organization of events
» identify internal and external problems
» benefit the most beautiful and appropriate decorations