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HALLOWEEN "We give or not give us?", "Trick or we give?", "Trick or we give?", The eternal question on October 31 every year. Unfortunately, new is not yet become citizens, she was brought here by multinational companies, especially American ones. Decorations are Tomnatice, and copper shades on shades of yellow and is based on seasonal vegetables and also has mythical connotations: garlic, for instance, is a redoubtable enemy of evil spirits and ghosts who come up and haunt says is, in the middle of night. The star series is pumpkin. A pumpkin gold, rosy and fragrant, emptied the contents and cut, personalized with fierce eyes and mouth or on the contrary, amusing. Horror costumes are customary accessories, they are meant to frighten not only ghosts, but all the audience present. From this party should not miss assorted candy in large Bomboniere, what and wait colindatorii: "Trick or we give?", "Trick or we give?"
We build script and directed,
but you receive your applause!
Our team can help you:
» anticipate public reaction
» analyze feed-back
» find solutions management
» established public relations programs
» evaluate these programs
» monitor media and the
relationship with the media
» coordinate internal communication
» coordinate the organization of events
» identify internal and external problems
» benefit the most beautiful and appropriate decorations