Avantgarde is a PR agency you need. We organize for you. parties, fairs, conferences, weddings, baptisms, cocktails etc.
Agency of events may seem an unjustified expense, but the PR staff's experience is reflected in the budget actiunii.
Selectarea careful suppliers and negotiations with third parties, every detail on the agenda, can greatly expenses and the "finished product" be the best quality and best prices. The event planning done by professionals who daily encounter "small details", you can save various mistakes and pitfalls.

Be avoided to choose one or more people from its staff who deal with organization, because of the risk that they fail to have an overview, not communicate enough to not have the necessary experience, and the time for for an activity that fixed, may affect the proper functioning of the company. Thus, you will have the best proposals for locations that are suitable to be rented, the most appropriate menus, the most interesting scenery, the sound equipment, the most representative promotional materials, the most talented DJs, the most popular bands doing gigs, the most dazzling pyrotechnic effects, the most skillful artists body painting, the funniest clowns, the most efficient media coverage but not least, the best ideas for games and contests organized by our team.

Client counseling for the entire public relations program, assistance during the event, understanding needs and their interpretation, transparent communication and flexibility in decisions, is the main argument in choosing our services.

Each letter, each fabric, each note and each spice are handpicked to be in keeping with the event. Both events and private company may require catering. These are necessary when the event is taking place on site or in a room where there is or is not intended that kitchen. Shares in the open are also welcome to catering services.

Location facilities elsewhere in Split is an event that requires special attention. Also to consider the necessary number of tables, chairs, microphones, cassette and audio tapes, video recorder and video tapes, tape recorder, overhead projector, tripod, slide projector, screen, table and many other items of equipment location.
We build script and directed,
but you receive your applause!
Our team can help you:
» anticipate public reaction
» analyze feed-back
» find solutions management
» established public relations programs
» evaluate these programs
» monitor media and the
relationship with the media
» coordinate internal communication
» coordinate the organization of events
» identify internal and external problems
» benefit the most beautiful and appropriate decorations